Thursday, December 10, 2015

**La Loba Studios Dolls for our 3 Year Olds**

Anders and Joline are Three! 

I can hardly believe that we have 3 year olds already! These two are so much fun right now and their imaginations are blossoming with all sorts of fun ideas every day. To help encourage those sweet play times together we decided to get them a set of "twin dolls" from La Loba Studio on Etsy   I just have to give you a review of them because we have been so happy with them and are finding them to be very useful in our play and learning times!

*I was not compensated for this review; I simply want to share the love.

La Loba dolls are beautifully handcrafted and come with a set of clothes. We choose the super hero twins set but the shop sells so many beautiful sets and single dolls for boys and girls to give you a lot of variety. She even has a Frozen set for those of you who have kids who are totally in love with their Disney friends! The twin set I originally saw on her shop was a little different than what you see below and when I contacted the shop owner about customizing the girl doll she was so helpful and kind in our conversations. She happily created for us a girl doll that would look similar to our girl and with fabric colors that Joline loves all at no extra cost; unheard of! 

We especially love that the clothes are changeable because my two especially love getting their dolls dressed up and dressing up with them! They have affectionately named them "Max" and "Lyla" :D 

Much love from our big 3 year olds; happy adventuring! 


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