Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Looking Forward>>>

A Very Happy New Year to You!

Well, here we go into the new year most of us with hopes and dreams of what we will do and accomplish in the months ahead. 

I was ready to close the chapter on 2014 and open a fresh page to 2015. Mostly I was ready because of what 2014 has taught me and I'm ready to take with me into the new year and make it great. 
Read the Bible With Me
Romans 5

{What I will take with me into 2015}

1.) Some of you have noticed that I re-joined the world of Facebook last month. For me it boils down to communication. Over the 10 months that I was off of Facebook I found myself frustrated with communication because I was using phone conversations, some texting, and primarily emailing to get in touch with people. The problem is that these (in today's world) are considered "old fashion". i.e. Country Living Magazine did an article in their February '15 issue called The Check List, in it the authors give 9 ways to enjoy the Country this month... on the list at #5 is revive the lost art of the no-agenda phone call. I totally agree that we should do this! The problem is that not all people will and just as it might seem crazy to some to actually write hand written letters, to others it's just as crazy to write an email rather than use Facebook messaging. Therefore, I decided I would open my account and treat it as a second email. So if you don't see me trending much on there or "liking" your status too often please don't be offended, I literally go days in-between checking the News Feed but I will keep my eye on the messages daily to make sure I'm not missing something important. 

2.) Time is precious. I spent many years racing around busily from this that and the other thing because, like many women, I enjoy being busy and typically busyness goes hand in hand with being social. I spent most of 2014 feeling frustrated that I wasn't busy enough and therefore not social enough. As I worked with God through my depression and frustrations I have come to see so clearly that my longing for busyness was just a cover. I was like a fish at the edge of the water who flops around in the words of Christ to fill my gills with life and then goes back to flopping thinking I'm living alright but I'm suffocating. All the while He's calling to me, "just come and swim. Drink deep with me and you will see the world the way you were created to see it." 

I spent the later half of 2014 drinking deeply of God's Word and a few books. I decided back in August to allow myself to grieve the loss of the life that I thought Jared, the twins and I were going to have pre-Epilepsy complications. Since then I have started to see us heal as a whole family and we are cherishing the moments of life that we have-because really every moment is sacred and we have purpose right before our eyes! 

{Life is a journey}  

Who knows what 2015 will bring but I know that in all things I am a daughter of the King and He is my leader. I am ready to follow- may my heart and my feet be in sync with His.


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