Friday, August 08, 2014


Twitterpated {twit-er-pey-tid}:: Adjective, informal. 

excited or overcome by romantic feelings; smitten. 
Who doesn't get twitterpated by a new door with sunlight splashing in!?

Let the project commence! After a couple of days of looking at our bear bones house the excitement was rising knowing that soon this old girl would get a makeover. ;-) {Every girl loves to be pampered now and again!}

Back Door
Ivan and Andy Woodard of I and D Home Construction have been diligently working since Tuesday. These guys are great. Details don't slip by them and that is something I greatly appreciate. 

So I have yet to pick out colors for our doors... This is where I'm stuck right now. I feel like I have to see it all together before I can make a final decision but something I'm really loving is the Benjamin Moore App Color Capture! It allows you to take a picture of anything and it will generate colors based on the picture you huh! Needless to say I have a lot of "Favorites" saved but I haven't picked the one yet.

Hope you're having a fantastic week and gearing up for a great weekend. We have a big week coming up full of birthdays and anniversaries in the family so we're ready for some fun! 


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