Wednesday, June 04, 2014


Sisters are the best gifts!! Sunday my sis shaved my head again for surgery round #2 and sent me off with this beautiful bracelet reminding me of how much she loves me and how much bigger Gods plan is than surgery. So bring it on! Filled with the word today and ready for the friend joining my body to help me along this journey! Click on the Instagram links to see the pics- sorry I couldn't get them embedded in the post! :) still working on my tech smarts!

 "*believe* Believe its all part of God's great plan. Believe you are strong. Believe your story will encourage others. Love you neen!" Bracelet from

Sending her off to University Hospitals one more time for DBS implant. Love you sister! Praying you through it. @christinawinell

Love you Sister!! Xoxo


  1. Your story, obedience and attitude are incredible Christina! Know that I am continually encouraged by you :) Praying all goes well and looking forward to hearing about it!

  2. You are SO sweet. I love you and continue to pray you through this!