Tuesday, January 21, 2014

One Day At a Time

Yesterday the Kiddos and I began our day with a fantastic brunch date with cousins and Grandmas galore! It was a mess around here with foam letters flying everywhere and kids laughing and drooling all over the place and it was great!

I love it when we can start our day with friends it just seems to brighten the whole day no matter what the weather looks like outside. Which, for now, is still super cold for those not in our area who are wondering. :)

We have not been able to take the kids outside to play once this winter yet because we have not had a day where it has been warm enough. They both got sleds for Christmas and they just sit in the garage waiting to be used but it doesn't seem to be getting any warmer…yet. Maybe by springtime we will be able to just pull them around the yard in their sleds on the grass! ;) BUT hope is on the way because it's already Jan. 21 so I know that this month is almost done and Feb. is a short month and then March is usually only a half month for 'winter like' weather. Yay! We WILL SURVIVE! I admit I get so super down in the winter. I cannot stand the cold and the dark days and I love being outside so not being able to get out and about really affects my attitude and outlook on things.

This morning I decided that I need to start focusing on my attitude of thankfulness because I have been focused too much on what is bothering me about winter & not being able to get out. SO I decided to change it up a bit and instead of just jumping out of bed and letting the day start with a bang I got the kids out of bed and settled with their breakfast in their high chairs and then I grabbed my coffee and went to the couch. I looked out at a beautiful sunrise and birds eating their hearts out at my bird feeders and just enjoyed the sounds of my kiddos enjoying each others' company and I prayed. I prayed for friends, for my kids, for myself and for my husband. It was a much better way to start my day than the usual rocket propelled start to our day.
This picture was taken last year. I had the same view this morning minus the ice covered trees. Although we had those a couple of weeks ago! ;) So many Cardinals in our yard today! 

Are my kids any happier now than they usually are at this time of day? No. Are they still hungry and tired and have poopy diapers? Yes. But is my ability to breathe through it and remember that I have it good in a better perspective? Most definitely.

So while winter still rages around me it's my prayer that I can continue to do this thankfulness reminder and keep my eyes open to the fact that I've got it good.

Sometimes all of life feels like endless winter but God's gentle reminders and tugs at my heart are like the sunlight coming in to remind me that he will thaw things out in His time. Patience may not be my best virtue but it's one worth striving for.

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