Friday, August 30, 2013

9 Months Already!?

Sippy cups, crawling, pulling up on furniture, fighting over toys, weaning from bottles, teeth teeth and more teeth, 9 months brings so much with it!

We are busy bees here and it is bound to get busier! This has been a full month for sure. The progression from 8 months to 9 has been a full leap and it seems in some ways they have jumped right out of the lap of 'baby hood' and into 'toddler hood'! ;) Was it the crawling or the teeth or the sudden interest in steps that did that?

Here are the stats from their Dr. Appointment: Joline is 28inches long and 18.7lbs. little lady has 2 teeth on bottom and getting 1 on top. She is still army crawling like a pro and loves to read books and watch Mokka run in the yard. So far she is not interested in the sippy cup but she at least tolerates it on her tray at meal times so here's hoping that she will put her mouth to it soon so we can start weaning off bottles sooner rather than later. :)

Anders..... is 29 inches long and 22.8lbs!! BIG boy! Nurse says she thinks he will be about 6'3'' or so. Jared is 6'4'' so that's not surprising. We'll see! He is crawling a real crawl all over and pulling up on everything; he even took some steps with his walker the other day! He's interested in everything big boy. He caught on to the sippy cup right away too. The kid loves to eat so that's no surprise. :) He has 2 teeth on the bottom and 2 coming on top. He still loves to be outside the most!

We had a lovely photo session with my cousin, owner of Vision of Beauty Photography, she does a fantastic job and we had a blast getting these shots. Thank you Lindy! You can view the pictures on her Facebook page here:

This weekend we are looking forward to a nice family get together with the Winells! Jared and the guys will golf in the morning to kick things off and then we will have a nice picnic in the afternoon on Sunday and hang out. Hopefully the weather will not be too sticky but just right. We do enjoy the warm weather but sticky is not our style! ;) I don't want to complain though because I am NOT ready for winter!!

So thankful for a Holiday week coming up. Although most everyone else will be going away camping and such we will be staying home but I am thankful to have my husband off this coming week so we can spend some much needed time at home and hopefully finish the baby gates and get things spruced up around here a little bit. These kiddos make it hard to stay on top of that job!

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