Monday, July 08, 2013

Memory Machine!

Ok ok.... Here's the post you've been waiting for. The Memory Machine is the 1984 Starcraft T1000 truck camper Jared and I bought a couple of weeks ago. I know what you're thinking...."Are you crazy!?, What are you going to do with something that old?!, is it disgusting!?." Well the answers to your questions are finally here. No we're not crazy, we're going to camp with our retro, cool camper, and no it's not disgusting! :) So here are a couple of snapshots of the Memory Machine (we've affectionately named it that. ;))

Welcome! Here are the curtains my Mother in-law made for us! Isn't that a fun fabric!?

The chaos of cleaning it out. It's a "pop-up" style so there is canvas on the top half with a hard top. 

The kitchen has a stove, sink, fridge, and handy cupboards for storage.  Here's a view of the sink and stove after clean up. 

This stuff worked wonders on the wood work throughout. The eventual plan is to paint the wood panels but until then I wanted to spruce it up with what I already had on hand. Old English Scratch Cover for Dark Woods worked great! 
This is what all the cabinets and cupboards looked like before. Chipped, scratched, ugly. 



After. This is my spices & cans cupboard, it's awesome! I want one in my kitchen at home. Slides out and has just the right space for cans and spices.

I lined all the drawers with easy clean-up & pretty printed vinyl.  

Chest of drawers for clothes and storage. 
Now, The biggest question in this whole thing was how was I going to sleep 2, 7 month olds safely because it wasn't big enough to have 2 pack n' plays set up and the twins are not used to sleeping in the same crib so they had to be separated some how. They are used to sleeping in the same room so that wasn't an issue but separating them physically was a bit of a brain teaser.

This is what we came up with...
The Noodle Bed! 
Maybe you've seen the posts on Pinterest about using a pool noodle under a fitted sheet to keep a toddler from falling out of bed? Well, I thought how can we take these materials and make them baby safe and twin friendly? We decided to stack them 4 high on top of each other. Drilling holes into them, we stabilized them with wooden dowels and long bolts. Those bolts were then screwed into the table and bench seat under the cushions and the separators were secured to the wall via a bathroom curtain rod stuck into one of the noodles and then the connector was screwed into the wall just like it would be if it was being used for it's actual purpose. We had one pesky corner that stuck out funny so we cut one of the noodle pieces that we had left over and screwed that onto the wall to keep Anders from hitting his head on it. Voila! Baby bed via pool noodles! :) You know you want to sleep in that thing, look how much fun they're having! ;) Making memories for sure.

So that's the Memory Machine! I don't have more pictures right now because I forgot to get pics of the outside and our bed set up. But don't worry, I'm sure there will be more memories down the road documented.

In other news... WE HAVE EGGS!! Our chickens have laid 7 eggs today. This is our second round of chickens since Jared and I have been married (6 years this weekend!) The babies don't get it but Jared and I are pretty excited about having fresh eggs again. We've been without fresh eggs since last fall!

God bless, Sleep well,

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  1. Anonymous9:28 PM

    L.O.V.E. the noodle bed, Christina! You're going to make some great memories in that classic camper. Can't wait to read about the adventures! (Glad the 'ladies' stepped up to help out too. With good 'cluck' they'll keep on producing for your growing brood!)