Monday, June 27, 2011

Thrifty Joys

As I prepare for our annual camping trip to Mesick MI I have a seemingly never ending list of things to get; food to buy, supplies we've run out of, and gear that we need to replace/add to our collection. SO I turn to being thrifty and shopping at Big Lots, Save a Lot, dollar stores, Meijer, and using gift cards from last Christmas. I admit that it is totally my nature to always assume that if you buy from name brand stores you're always getting the better products BUT I'm coming to realize that this is not always the case. Sometimes you can find really great stuff at the off brand stores at a much better price.... the trick is to keep what you get nice and then you will be able to use it for a long time! :) Something I learned from my thrifty mother in law and my husband. For example, I think my husband is the only man I know who, after a long week in the woods, comes home and thoroughly cleans his tent, coolers, lanterns, grill, and even his tarps! I am convinced that this lengthy clean up process is saving us time and money in the long run. At least I hope so. Being thrifty is sometimes hard but I'm finding that the joys in life don't come from the brand name on your camp chairs but the time that you spend enjoying your friends, family, and God's creation while using them! So this is my encouragement to you to get out there and be thrifty and take over-the-top good care of your stuff so you can get back to enjoying life! :) Happy 4th of July week!

Live well,

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  1. i need Jared to come clean our tarps! We still haven't cleaned out the trailer from our last camping excursion!!!