Thursday, July 17, 2008

Where We've Been in Pictures Cont.

Easter 2008

Jacob's graduation in May, Kasey is getting a little baby belly by now... how cute!

Just the kids.
Back tracking a little, this is New years eve 2008 in the U.P. with the winell side. In this picture is Jared's sister Abby and her boyfriend Dan Vanderson.
Kitchen Project. Sorry no before pictures but you can see a little bit of the gray that was there before and the plain white countertop... all gone now. :D The picture of the capboard doors has the brown that will be on all the cupboards... "Barrista" brown by Benjamin Moore. LOVE IT!


  1. Boy you guys went all out on the kitchen...I should have painted the insides of the cupboards. I haven't removed the food/dishes...yet...this fall!!

  2. Hey you guys are dressed like Jelly Beans in the Easter picture!