Wednesday, February 06, 2008

California Here We Come!!

Today marks one month until my mom, my sister and I all head out to beautiful, WARM, sunny California. This will be the first time just the ladies have gone anywhere together and it's a very rare thing for all three of us to be going. We will be spending 3 days in the San Francisco area acting like your average tourist. Fisherman's Warf, Golden Gate Bridge, Sushi, the works... :D On day three we will be grabing a rental car and hitting the road. Destination: Turlock, CA. What's in Turlock???!!! You must be wondering. Well, my Grandfather's sister, Caroline, lives in Turlock. She and her husband moved out to California many many years ago as missionaries. Her husband has been gone for some time now and she is 87 herself. It's very difficult for her to get back to Michigan to see everyone now so we are making a special trip out to see her! This will be the very first time anyone in our imediate family has gone out there to see her. She is very excited to have us there and we are thrilled to be spending some quality time there with her. She lives in a nice little retirement community. It's not a nursing home set up; she has her own apartment and such... she's still very independent and likes it that way! :D So it seems we will get to tour the california countryside while we are there. It will be so nice not to just stay in one place the whole time.
I am personally very excited to spend time with my great-aunt. She's a delightful little, and I do mean little, lady. She has faith as big as the Golden Gate Bridge and her smile is warm and so inviting. I cannot remember a time when she was here that she didn't share her faith in God with me at some point. In her younger years she went to Moody Bible Institute and loved it very much. Once she and her husband got onto the missionary field she has thought nothing else would be better. They had a great responsibility out there and she just couldn't leave once her husband died. I am grateful for her.
I hope you all are well. Maybe this post will warm your heart a little; even if it's freezing cold outside!

God Bless, Sleep Well,


  1. I hope you have a GREAT time out there...and be sure to bring some sunshine back with you... =)

  2. What a perfect time to visit WARM CA! I have never been there and would love to visit. I am very happy for you! It sounds like your aunt is a neat person and spiritual encouragement to you, too...that's special!
    p.s. I LOVE your hair! And it looked like you had new jeans on today-they looked cute on you. :)

  3. Am I allowed to say....I'm jealous!*Ü*