Friday, September 15, 2006

Breathing Deeper

"Therefore, since we are reeciving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe. For our God is a consuming fire." - Hebrews 12: 28-29
I can't express how long and restless this week was. I feel like, at times, i was wirling around in twenty different directions. Life is busy, but that doesn't make me want to quit. I've learned alot in these last few weeks. With starting a new job, starting school again and trying to live all at the same time; i've learned one word well, Breathe.
Throughout the week I see people of many different backgrounds, children who's homes were broken, lives that need patience and a new perspective and I struggle with seeing those things because i want to fix them. I want to be the mother to the motherless child, i want to teach the woman who's life is overwhelming to put her hope and trust in Christ, I want to put smiles on the faces of the college kids who look like their hearts have been pulled in too many different directions. Though i cannot be all of these things to everyone i know the one who can be and my heart says let Him be those things to them. I cannot be all things to all people and God doesn't expect that of me. What He does expect is for me to allow him to use me where He wants and be a tool for doing His will. So often i have to remind myself that it's not "My Will...," it's God's Will and His is good. What a privilege it is to be used by God Almighty to complete the tasks that He desires.
So i end and remind myself, and you, to breathe deep and know that "The Lord is my helper; i will not be afraid. What can man do to me? "-Psalm 118:6,7


  1. okay,
    so where you working?
    classes you're taking?
    life your living?
    talk, talk, talk.
    or is that
    blogg, blogg, blogg

  2. Rossi!

    Thanks for the comments. Hmm... where do i start. I'm working at Kregel Parable Christian stores on the East Beltline, selling books and such. I am taking 14Credits at GRCC; Biology, Psychology, Anthropolgy, and Statistics. i'm living well.. i hope. It's nice to have a schedual now that i'm not at camp but i do miss it. We start the Christmas program practices today and i'm super excited about that. I LOVE Christmas! I think you're really going to love the program this year.... well i hope so anyway. Miss you! See you soon. Keep smiling lovely lady!
    God Bless,

  3. Great post! You always make me think... Looking forward to singing with you in the Christmas program this year. Fun! Fun!