Monday, August 21, 2006

Hit the Books!

From full-time camper to Part-time student/worker.

The transition from summer into fall is always an exciting one and it brings new things to the table. Camp, Wow, what can't I say about it. It was an incredible summer full of ups and downs, hard days and joyful days, homesickness and longing for more of camp. This week was my last week at camp, it was hard and joyful at the same time. Hard in the sense that camp has become my home and my fellow cabin leaders and support staff have become my family, joyful in the sense that i'm going home and starting school in a few weeks and getting back into a steady schedual of balancing work, learning, and fun. Yes, i'm very much looking forward to all of that and yes, i will miss the ministry at Pine Ridge Bible Camp!
Already i see God opening doors to new ministry opportunities within my church community and school opportunities for me to continue learning; also work opportunities. I was hired at Kregel bookstores on the Beltline today and I start tommorrow. WOO HOO for being able to pay off my car sooner. :^) God absolutely knows my needs and completely heard my cries for help when the door closed in one area and i needed another door to open quickly! He is faithful!
As I head into my second year of college things will definatly be different. Some things will come easy other things will come hard but i know that God will see me through all things and i know that i will walk away from another year with more understanding and a better idea of what i need to do in this world.
Please pray that I would allow God to teach me in all situations and that i would first and foremost trust Him with every step. Thank you!

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  1. Yeah girl,
    I'm so excited to see you when I come home and we can sit down and swap camp storys. I miss your encouraging loving attidue. I will see you soon. Take Care My Friend.