Friday, May 05, 2006


Summer is here and it's so beautiful to see the trees bursting with life. God's goodness through His creation leaves me speachless daily.
Questions that need answers:
  • Do we really seek God's will or our own in hopes that God will see our reasoning and give in?
  • Do we love or are we seeking love?
  • Are we selfless or selfish?
  • Can we be overcomers and if so, do we understand what it takes?
  • Are you tired or are you lazy?

... I could go on for days but these are some personal questions i've been thinking about and i was curious what you guys think. Your imput is esential, I really want to know what you guys think, let me get into your brains a little bit with your responses. ;^)

Have a great day!

God Bless,

-Christina Lindsey Parcels

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  1. Anonymous11:20 PM

    christina Lindsey how old are you?
    what great questions...
    here are my thoughts
    1) i think seeking god's will varies from time to time. i think that the ultimate goal is to truly seek god's will for my life. but, then i know too that i am a selfish person and that i tend to want to get my own way, and so i know i "fall short of the glory of god" and sometimes push my own way, but the GOAL is tu seek god's will.
    2)i know that i love christ and many other's in my world but, that i am seeking to be loved as well, by my God and by others in my world.
    3) i strive to be selfless (to put christ and others first in all i do) but i know that at times i can be selfish as well.
    4) and we most definately can be overcomers, but i don't think that the majority of us (this writer included) truly understand what it takes to be this. Have you watched Frank Perettie's "The Visitation" yet, great flick. to fully understand that we have the power in Jesus name to over come all evil is truly mind boggiling, have it we do, use it we don't.
    5) am i tired or am i lazy?
    i think that i'm truly just tired, but then it depends on do you mean spritually or physically. physically i'm exhausted and therefore i think it leads to my lazyness spritually, does that make sense. wasn't it paul who said "truly the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak". i think that's a pretty acurate statement for me right now. i think in all things we need to be striving to be better, closer, more like jesus, in all things. you're a great thinker....
    enjoy your summer