Saturday, March 04, 2006

On the Road again...

It's been three weeks since i've been home for church now and i miss everyone so so very much. This weekend i'm in Chicago with Chaille visiting Sara and Jennie. It's good to see them and to meet all of their wonderful friends. I do miss everyone back home though and i miss worship at the KCBC! This coming weekend is the Ministry Conference at Calvery Baptist and i'm very excited to see what God has to offer there. There is supposed to be a lot of really good booths for all different types of ministries, Very good. Anyway, I hope that you all are well and doing good things for Christ! I miss you all and i seriously miss worship so much.
God Bless, Sleep well!


  1. Hey this is funny because I'm like five feet from you. I'm having fun. It's been nice to get away. Well, I'm reallly tired so I should go. Talk to you later.

  2. we might miss you here a little too, but don't get cocky about it.